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a moment with The Bones of J.R. Jones

Musician Jonathon Linaberry wears a few of our favorite spring pieces and reflects on life around releasing his latest record this month, Ones To Keep Close Photographed at Gurney’s Montauk by MATTHEW SPROUT
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On Touring

For me, touring always kind of feels like a gamble. There are nights when it is the best feeling in the world. Playing your music for a room full of strangers and being able to create a common language with your audience just in the moment—that is something pretty special. The next night might be an off night—maybe you’re tired, maybe you can’t connect with the audience, things just don’t feel or sound right. Those are the toughest nights. It’s always an exercise in expectation and humility.”

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On Process

“The process behind the album was definitely the largest to date for me. It spanned ten months or so, with lots of rewriting, overdubs, and some horrible ideas.”

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On the Album

The name from the album comes from a lot of different feelings. Mainly, my constant battle and hesitation on releasing new work. For selfish reasons, I always find it incredibly difficult to release music. The writing is the easy part. So the name, ‘Ones To Keep Close’, comes from that hesitation and perhaps a sense of self-preservation.”

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