The Gift Guide

This year, our holiday gift guide was inspired by five of our most stylish (and distinct) friends, from the minimalist to the glamorous to the rugged. Here, they share their favorite holiday memories, best advice, and an expert edit of gifts—perfect for the stylish and distinct friends in your life. Happy Holidays.

The Modernist Muse

Garance Doré

French illustrator, photographer, and author Garance Doré is the kind of effortlessly cool woman who can make a white T-shirt look like couture … and cause hoards of French-girl enthusiasts to clamor after her newly released book Love Style Life (now on tour with Club Monaco).

As soon as I saw this suit, I thought I NEED that. It’s the perfect mix of classic and cool.Keinna Cashmere BlazerKaorie Cashmere Short
This dark green calf hair skirt is the ultimate not-so-classic. I would wear it every time I wanted to look feminine and mysterious—which is all the time.
  • Your style is…

    Very French, simple, and subtle.

  • Do you have any tips for accessorizing your holiday party look?

    I believe in minimalist accessorizing—choosing one dramatic accessory. I love statement earrings, but I rarely wear two at the same time. I think it’s more eye-catching to only wear one, and it’s sort of become a signature for me. You have to wear a smaller earring on the other side though—otherwise, people think you’ve lost your other earring!

  • You’re constantly traveling. Do you have any packing tricks for the holidays?

    I follow the same packing rules year-round. My number-one is: Plan your outfits in advance. It takes a bit more time, but it’s such a better way to travel. And I swear you pack less that way, which gives you more space for travel purchases!

  • Favorite holiday destination?

    Greece! And I’m dreaming of Tahiti right now.

I love the gray of this hat—it feels cozy and polished at the same time.

The Weekender

Camille Becerra

When New York chef Camille Becerra isn’t cooking amazing food, she’s photographing it, writing about it, and teaching classes on it—always outfitted in her artful, weekend-ready style that usually involves a romantically wrinkled apron and camel felt hat.

  • Your style is…

    Comfortable, easy, and classic with a nod to vintage French workwear.

  • Any suggestions for a chic holiday outfit that’s still conducive to eating?

    I think a jumper or tailored suit is your best bet.

  • Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

    Making foodie gifts for friends like jars of homemade chili sauce, beautiful spice mixes spiked with rose petals, chocolate bark, and cookies.

  • Is there an ingredient or spice you can’t get enough of this season?

    Dukkha! It’s a warming Middle Eastern spice blend with sesame seeds in it that’s perfect sprinkled on toast, rice, or a wintry soup like lentil or squash.

This scent will work out any lingering cooking smells and ease your holiday stress at the same time.MLM Candle - L'Etang Noir
I could live in this jumpsuit—it’s perfect for hanging at home, then throwing on a chunky sweater or poncho and hitting the markets.M.Patmos Cashmere Jumper
A running shoe paired with a slouchy trouser is the epitome of effortless style.Veja B Mesh Nautico

The Frill-Seeker

Becka Diamond

DJ and costume history aficionado Becka Diamond has a unique style that’s part goth glamazon, part blonde bombshell, and never complete without a perfect winged cat-eye. You can catch her DJing every Thursday night at NYC’s The Standard Hotel.

I’d wear this dark, fuzzy coat with a vintage tee or little dress.Kay Shearling Coat
This one’s for my best friend, who is also my at-home cooking inspiration.Food & Life
  • Your style is…

    A goth-glam uniform with lots of silver jewelry and vintage pieces.

  • What does your go-to holiday outfit look like?

    Edie Sedgwick standards: fake lashes, nude lips, opaque black stockings, and a fuzzy, oversized coat.

  • Best holiday party memory?

    DJing at The Standard last year on Christmas night with my best friends—we drank spiked apple cider and took pictures with a life-size abominable snowman.

  • What would be on your ultimate holiday playlist?

    “I Want Your Love” by Chic
    “Haven’t You Heard” by Patrice Rushen
    “Temptation” by New Order
    “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac
    “Love Is the Drug” by Roxy Music (Todd Terje Disco Dub)
    “The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)” by Everything But the Girl
    “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses
    “Why Can’t I Be You” by The Cure
    “Last Christmas” by Wham
    “Heart” by Pet Shop Boys

These rings are perfect for my sister—she lives for anything in this metallic hue.Campbell Cigar Stack Ring

The Urban Sophisticate

Adam Green

Adam Green is an artist, singer, songwriter, and filmmaker who has made entire films on his iPhone. A lover of the finer things in life, Adam retains an unapologetically eclectic style sensibility—including a penchant for Legend of Zelda-inspired boots.

  • Your style is…

    My style is both classic and unpredictable. A lot of my clothes are custom tailored from scratch. Right now, I’m really into fitted blazers, striped denim, and Daisy Mae denim hats.

  • Most cherished winter wardrobe item?

    Leather pants! I originally got a pair because I thought they were sexy, but now I realize they’re the most comfortable kind of pants to wear in the winter.

  • Best gift you’ve ever given?

    Artwork. I think it’s the coolest gift.

  • What’s on your holiday movie list?

    Scrooged, Groundhog Day, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

If you’re wearing a great outfit, it’s weird to accessorize it with your old wallet from high school. Get yourself a nice version like this.W. Kleinberg Alligator Case
Leather gloves are a winter accessory I actually look forward to wearing. I recommend accenting them with a flask—it’s a classic combination.Washed Leather Glove
All the best-dressed guys in history have worn turtlenecks—Steve McQueen, Jacques Brel, Jay Z, Chet Baker—and everyone loved them for it.Merino Turtleneck

The Rough & Tumbler

Eric Goldstein

Denim expert Eric Goldstein is one of the founders of Jean Shop, a vintage-inspired jeans label focused on customized fits and heritage design. A true devotee of the classic jeans-and-tee aesthetic, he has the rugged weekender look down to a science.

The B&O headset is a must for anybody, particularly if you are a traveler. These are the best—I’ll be gifting them to myself.BeoPlay H6 by B&O PLAY
I’ll be giving this to a few different people this year, including my brother-in-law, as well as a few friends (I already own it and wear it all the time).Jean Shop Chambray Shirt
  • Your style is…

    Basic and classic—I wear a lot of denim. You’ll typically see me in a T-shirt and sneakers when the weather’s nice; then, when winter hits, I go for layers, almost always including a leather shirt or jacket.

  • Would you wear denim to a holiday party?

    Yes, for sure. Black denim is acceptable at almost any party—it’s so easy to dress up with a blazer. You can really dress up any pair of jeans with a good pair of shoes, a crisp white shirt, and a nice navy blazer.

  • Is there any place or event you wouldn’t wear jeans? What’s your alternative?

    The only time I ever had an issue with wearing jeans was in Paris—they wouldn’t let me in to the Four Seasons. My favorite alternatives are five-pocket twills in neutrals like black, gray, navy, and olive—they’re a little dressier than denim and are incredibly comfortable.

  • What is your go-to holiday cocktail?

    I’m a simple guy—I stick to my red wines and vodka, typically a Cabernet with my meals and a Vodka on the rocks with blue cheese-stuffed olives any other time.

You can’t go wrong with a great pair of leather gloves—everyone uses them.Rib Cuff Glove
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