Men Raleigh Denim Raleigh 211 Raw Selvedge

With each jean hand-signed by the artisan that sewed it in North Carolina, Raleigh's selvedge denim is extremely limited in quantity and tailored to 'old-school' perfection.

Men Raleigh Denim Image-3
Men Raleigh Denim Image-4

A signature red chainstitch hem encircles each pair's cuffs.

Men Raleigh Denim Image-5

A selvedge trim detail appears on the coin pocket...

Men Raleigh Denim Image-6

...and the back belt loop.

Men Raleigh Denim Image-8

Since 2007, "non-automated jeansmiths" have made
the jeans in Raleigh, NC out of selvedge cone denim.

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