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With roots in American manufacturing dating back to
the 1930s, Gitman Bros. clothing celebrates the heritage
of handcrafted menswear. Owner Chris Olberding
speaks to Club Monaco about resurrecting an icon of
men’s style and our latest exclusive collaboration.

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“We’re one of the last remaining shirt-makers in the U.S., and we’ve operated for over 80 years in the same small town in Pennsylvania where it all started back in 1932.”
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“Working through the archives and selecting fabrics from the past—as well as tweaking them with dyes and reworking patterns and scale—takes up a good part of the design process. We also source from fabric mills, travel, and pull together ideas to form the next season’s collection. Picking up some good vintage finds here and there doesn’t hurt either. It’s a mix of ‘soft’ design and ‘heavy’ curation.”
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Max Gitman, front center, flanked by his two sons and the entire company in front of the new Ashland Shirt and Pajama Factory (which later became the Gitman Bros. shirt factory) during the annual summer picnic, 1957.
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“The shirt we made for Club Monaco is similar to a design found in our archives, but we lightened up the color and used the reverse side of the fabric, creating more of a muted effect.”
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“My favorite aspect of our product is the distinguishable collar roll on our button-down shirt.”
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